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Instad - Your Brf- & corporate partner

We specialize in tailor-made solutions for companies and housing associations. Our services include professional stair cleaning and property managment to keep common areas clean and inviting


Moving and transport

Moving services are a critical process that requires planning and precision. We are your reliable moving company in Uppsala, who not only assist you in safely and timely transporting your belongings but also take care of all the practical aspects that come with a smooth relocation


Our transportation service is not only efficient but also reliable. We understand the importance of your belongings reaching their destination on time and unharmed. Whether it's for your company or condominium association, you can trust us for secure transportation


Cleaning and facility management

When you've settled into your new premises or residences, cleaning is often one of the first tasks to address. Our professional cleaners specialize in everything from office cleaning to meticulous stairwell cleaning. We understand the importance of a clean and inviting environment and strive to achieve just that


Property service and maintenance

We offer comprehensive property services covering all your needs to maintain and care for your premises. From regular property maintenance to emergency repairs, our team are experts in ensuring that your buildings are in the best condition. With our dedication to delivering high-quality property services, you can rest assured knowing that your properties are being taken care of in a professional and reliable manner.

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