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Permission &

As your modern move & cleaning company in Uppsala, we only work with prominent insurance companies for both staff and customers.

Organization no/F tax certificate


VAT registration number/VAT-NC


Community permit - International freight transport within the EU/ESS 

Permit no. 103920

General moving regulations

We follow guidelines and regulations forBohag 2010, as well asOffice 2003

Traffic permit

In Sweden, traffic permits do not have their own numbers, but are linked to the company's organization number. NOTE: There are companies that use countries within the EU that issue a special permit number linked to the professional traffic permit. Instad does not take these shortcuts, but instad always follows the SWEDISH requirements for commercial traffic

- Actual and permanent establishment
- Professional skills
- Economic conditions
- Good reputation

Check traffic permits


* Total liability insurance via Trygg-hansa

* Fully subscribed traffic insurance via Söderberg & Partners

* Personnel insured via FORA, Alecta & Collectum


Let's Work Together!

We want you, regardless of which service you choose

must be completely satisfied with our service. This also requires something from you. Take your responsibility and choose a supplier just like instad, with the right permission and insurance for everyone's safety.

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