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Property maintenance

Cleaning & maintenance

Sparkling Clean: Our cleaning service guarantees a sparkling clean environment, whether it's for your home, office, or business premises. We offer tailored cleaning solutions to fit your needs and schedules.

Professional Facility Care: We take care of your premises with precision and professionalism. From daily cleaning to specialized cleaning tasks, we ensure your facilities are fresh and welcoming for both customers and staff.

Green areas

We offer professional maintenance of green areas, including lawn mowing, trimming of bushes and trees, and leaf clearing. We ensure that your outdoor environments are well-maintained and attractive year-round.

Enviroment & public spaces

We take care of the property's exterior by offering snow plowing and lawn mowing services. Regardless of weather conditions, we keep walkways and green areas in top condition for your convenience and safety. Additionally, we handle general property maintenance needs such as painting, facade repairs, and roof maintenance. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the appearance and value of the property through high-quality maintenance.

Security & surveillance

Our security and surveillance service is designed to create a secure environment for your property. Through regular patrols and monitoring of security systems, including access control systems from reliable suppliers, we work to prevent incidents and ensure quick response when needed. Your safety is our top priority.

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