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Move-out cleaning

A hassle-free move

Before your move-out cleaning, it's important to empty your current residence. As your modern moving company based in Uppsala, Stockholm, and Enköping, we can facilitate this process and provide you with a smooth transition to your new home. Our moving services extend across the EU, which means that whether you're moving locally within Sweden or internationally, we take care of your move in a safe and professional manner.

Thorough cleaning

Our experienced team of cleaning professionals uses high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning of every surface. We remove dirt, dust, stains, and bacteria to leave your space sparkling clean and fresh.

Key management

Our move-out cleaning includes professional key management to make your move even easier. With our service, we can, for example, keep the keys after the move and hand them over to the landlord or real estate agent after the cleaning is completed. Additionally, our cleaning includes a comprehensive list of services to leave your space sparkling clean before your move-out.

Customer Satisfaction

We strictly follow the recommendations of the Real Estate Association for professional move-out cleaning to ensure that your residence is left in perfect condition upon departure. By offering professional and reliable move-out cleaning, we ensure that you can leave your old space with the confidence that it is in perfect condition.

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